Whether you’re upgrading from an old appliance, completing a remodel, or just looking to add some extra baking and roasting capacity to your kitchen, a wall oven can offer the perfect versatile solution. Before you start shopping for wall ovens, it’s important to check the dimensions you’ll need so you get the right fit for your kitchen. 

Not sure how to get started? Our guide can help you learn more about single, double and combination wall oven dimensions, as well as cabinet sizes and more so you can choose the right size wall oven for you and your family.

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Wall oven built into a modern kitchen

What are standard wall oven sizes?

Most standard wall ovens are categorized as 24 inches, 27 inches, or 30 inches wide. These tend to be approximations with the exact measurements varying slightly. For example, a 30 inch wall oven might actually measure  29¾ inches wide. The height and depth of the wall oven can vary depending on the model and style, with a range of configurations available. 

For example, Whirlpool offers single wall ovens, double wall ovens, or combo wall oven and microwaves with varying capacities and dimensions.

The most important size to consider may be the cabinet opening or cutout you will need for installation. Here are some common wall oven cutout dimensions:

Single wall oven cutout dimensions

All dimensions listed below represent the general ranges of wall oven dimensions and may not capture every wall oven available on the market today. Use these dimensions as a general guide to what may be available for your kitchen and always consult the manufacturer's recommended cut-out dimensions before purchasing a model.

30-inch wall ovens:

  • Cutout Height: 27¼ - 28 inches tall 

  • Cutout Width: 28½ - 28⅝ inches wide

  • Cutout Depth, excluding door frames and handles:  23½ - 24 inches deep

27-inch wall ovens: 

  • Cutout Height: 27⅝ - 28 inches tall 

  • Cutout Width: 25¼ - 25½ inches wide

  • Cutout Depth, excluding door frames and handles: 23½ - 24 inches deep

24-inch wall ovens:

  • Cutout Height: 27½ - 27¾  inches tall, but some more compact wall oven models can require as little as 23 ¼ inch height clearance. 

  • Cutout Width: 22-1/16 - 22⅝ inches wide

  • Cutout Depth, excluding door frames and handles: 22¼ - 23½  inches deep

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Double wall oven cutout dimensions

The general widths and depths needed to install a double wall oven will usually remain the same as single wall ovens, but the height can vary. Here are some typical ranges of double wall oven cutout dimensions:

30-inch models:

  • Cutout Height: 50¼ - 51-13/16 inches tall.

27-inch models: 

  • Cutout Height: 50¼ inches tall

24-inch models:

  • Cutout Height: 49¾ inches tall

Model shown: WOC75EC0HS

Built in wall oven with built in microwave above it

Combination wall oven cutout dimensions

Again, general widths and depths needed to install combination wall ovens are usually the same as double or single wall ovens. The height required for a combo wall oven installation will vary depending on the capacities of the oven and microwave. Here are some common wall oven combo cutout heights: 

30-inch models:

  • Cutout Height: 41-5/16 - 43-7/16 inches

27-inch models:

  • Cutout Height: 41⅛ - 41-5/16 inches
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How do I measure my current wall oven cutout dimensions?

Step 1: Remove your current wall oven

If your current wall oven is still installed in your cutout or cabinet, remove it so you can measure the space. This will ensure you get the most accurate measurements.

Step 2: Measure the cutout width

Measure the width of the cutout from edge to edge using a measuring tape.

Step 3: Measure the cutout depth

Measure from the wall to the front of the cabinet face, excluding the cabinet door to record your wall oven cutout depth. Most standard cabinets are 24 inches deep. 

Step 4: Measure the cutout height

Measure from the top of the cutout opening to the bottom to record the height of your wall oven cutout. The height will vary significantly between a single wall oven and a double wall oven.

Closed wall oven with chicken roasting inside

What else should I consider before buying a wall oven?

Once you’ve determined the amount of space you have for a wall oven, the following factors are important considerations to make sure you find the right one for your cooking needs. Wall ovens come with a wide variety of styles and features to help you manage mealtime your way.

Internal oven capacity

Standard wall oven capacities can range widely from space-saving single wall oven models with around 3.0 cubic feet of capacity to large double wall oven models featuring combined capacities of 10 cubic feet or more. In general, wall oven dimensions are related to oven capacity. For example, larger wall oven dimensions usually mean more cooking capacity while smaller dimensions mean less internal oven space. 

Here are some possible single wall oven capacities:

  • 24 inch wall ovens: May give you around 2-3 cubic feet of cooking space. 

  • 27 inch wall ovens:  Generally pack a little more capacity with around 4 cubic feet inside. 

  • 30 inch wall ovens: Usually offer capacities between 4.7 - 5.1 cubic feet. Alternatively, you can also find 30 inch models with reduced heights to offer just enough extra cooking space for 1-2 dishes at a time with around 1.7 cubic feet of capacity.

Since most double wall ovens feature two equally-sized cooking spaces, you can usually count on double the capacity listed for each width. For example, a 27 inch double oven may feature two 4.3 cubic foot ovens for a total capacity of 8.6 cubic feet.

Fuel type

You can find gas wall ovens or electric wall ovens in a range of sizes to suit your preference. Which fuel type you choose may depend on your existing setup so be sure to check before you begin shopping for a new wall oven. If either one will work for your space, spend some time learning the differences between gas and electric ovens to choose the best one for your cooking needs.  If you’ve decided on an electric option, Whirlpool offers electric wall ovens with a variety of sizes from compact single wall ovens, to larger capacity double oven options.

Features and settings

Wall ovens come with many of the same features and settings as full range ovens. Depending on what you like to cook in your oven, you may want to consider a wall oven with convection heating. You can also find smart wall ovens from Whirlpool with features built for multitasking to help tackle your to-do list. These wifi-enabled appliances often let you control cook times, settings and more from a connected device.1 For a sleek and modern look, many wall ovens feature touchscreen controls that may include customized presets to further streamline your meal prep.

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1. Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy statement, visit whirlpool.com/connect.