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Nobels at Harvard

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Nobels at Harvard

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Claudia Goldin

The Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University has been awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for her work identifying drivers of gender differences in the labor market, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced.

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A prized community

Students sitting on a rhino statue

The Nobel floor

The third floor of Harvard’s Bio Labs housed the research laboratories of three Nobel laureates. Six more, who were trained there, went on to receive the coveted honor after leaving Harvard.

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  • Chemistry

Carolyn Bertozzi

Harvard alum and former winner of the the Ivy League Battle of the Bands had a winding path to her Nobel.

Black and white photos of students from the 80s
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  • Peace

Maria Ressa

Filipino journalist and former Harvard Kennedy School fellow shined a light on terrorism and authoritarianism with her writing.

Maria Ressa in a blue jacket
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  • Economic Sciences

Michael Kremer

Economist used field studies to determine the effectiveness of poverty programs.

Michael Kremer
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  • Economic Sciences

Amartya Sen

Economist and philosopher discussed how the inequities in colonial India shaped his intellectual destiny.

Amartya Sen in a cardigan
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After the win, the work continues

For many Nobel Prize winners, from Harvard and beyond, the award helps them further their research and better explore their passions.

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Getting a Nobel gives you a pulpit and new opportunities to make a difference in the world.”

Martin Karplus, Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

Martin Karplus at a desk

In the room where it happened

Revisit what it was like when Harvard Professors Oliver Hart and William Kaelin received the news that they’d won a Nobel Prize.