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Climate Solutions

In Focus

Climate Solutions

Faculty and students from across the Harvard community are working on ways to address climate change and its effects.

Teaching the next generation

How can we empower young children in the face of climate change?

Learn more from the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Zero-waste architecture

Built for a park with very little shade, CloudHouse’s design was informed by one central constraint: avoiding material waste.

Read more from the School of Design

A house made from recycled materials
  • Respite from the heat and rain
    A shelter made from recycled materials
  • Inexpensive, recyclable plastic
    A shelter made from recycled materials
  • Easy to fabricate, transport, and assemble
    A shelter made from recycled materials

Solutions from our campus

  • 2.5 megawatts

    of onsite solar energy installations

  • 18

    vegetated green roofs across campus

  • 30%

    of Harvard’s bus fleet is electric

Climate Change Solutions Fund

Established in 2014, this Harvard fund encourages multidisciplinary research around climate change.

Learn more from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research